Thursday, May 9 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Forsythe

Session 8:
Education and Labor Markets: Transitions and Discrimination

Chair: Jennifer Thompson, University of Pennsylvania
Discussant: Michele C. McLennan, Ursinus College

  1. Gender Differences in Employment Outcomes for Academics in the Social SciencesDonna K. Ginther, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

  2. Pay Differences among the Highly Trained: Cohort Differences in the Male-Female Earnings Gap in Lawyers' SalariesMary C. Noonan, University of Iowa ; Mary E. Corcoran, University of Michigan ; Paul N. Courant, University of Michigan

  3. Alternative Opportunities in the Female Labor Market and Teacher Supply and Quality: 1940-1990Marigee Bacolod, University of California at Los Angeles

  4. Institutions in the Youth Labor Market: Changes in High School-Work in Urban JapanMary Brinton, Cornell University

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