Thursday, May 9 / 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM   •   Clayton

Session 51:
Migration and Social Networks

Chair: Reanne Frank, University of Texas at Austin
Discussant: Audrey Singer, The Brookings Institution

  1. English Language Skills, Ethnic Communities, and Household Composition among Older Mexican ImmigrantsJeffrey A. Burr, University of Massachusetts at Boston ; Jan Mutchler, University of Massachusetts at Boston

  2. A Comparison of Urban and Rural Origin Migration from Mexico to the United StatesNadia Flores, University of Pennsylvania ; Ruben Hernandez-Leon, University of Pennsylvania

  3. Migrant Social Capital and Education in Migrant-Sending Areas of Bangladesh: Complements or Substitutes?Randall Kuhn, University of Colorado ; Jane Menken, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Nizam Khan, University of Colorado

  4. Flocking Together: Homophily in the Strong Ties of ImmigrantsSusan K. Wierzbicki, University of California at Irvine

Other sessions on Migration and Urbanization