Saturday, May 11 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Cobb

Session 134:
New Approaches to Population Forecasting

Chair: Gregory Spencer, U.S. Census Bureau
Discussant: Frederick W. Hollmann, U.S. Census Bureau

  1. Stationary Population as Vision for the Future: An Exercise in Normative ProjectionM.V. George, Statistics Canada ; Rejean Lachapelle, Statistics Canada ; Anatole Romaniuc, University of Alberta

  2. The Contribution of Mexican Immigration to U.S. Population Rejuvenation: A Mexican Birth Cohort ApproachStefan H. Jonsson, Pennsylvania State University ; Michael Rendall, University of London

  3. Stochastic Forecasts of Fertility Based on Quantum-Tempo DecompositionJose A. Ortega, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

  4. Forecasting the Life CourseFrans Willekens, University of Groningen

Other sessions on Data and Methods